Plumeria Care

General Care

Plumeria are native plants of the Caribbean, South and Central Americas.
Tropical in nature, plumeria must be supplied with at least sub-tropical conditions
for best results.
Full sun is recommended, plumeria require at least 6 hours of light to promote
bloom production. Grow lights work great!!!
DO NOT expose plumeria to temperatures below 2*c or 33*f. THEY WILL DIE!!
Plumeria are quite drought tolerant, allow soil to dry out slightly between watering.
DO NOT allow water to sit around the root base, THEY WIIL ROT!!

Plumeria are deciduous, therefor they go dormant for a period of time.
Here in the north we force them into dormancy at the beginning of November.
Store in a dark space.
Most of the leaves will drop, do not water!!

At the beginning of January move plants into a daylight location ( south preferred ) or
under grow lights.
Water thoroughly at this point.
Do not water again until you see active growth on the tip ( shinny green/red claws )

Start regular watering when 3-4 leaves appear and are at least 150cm or 6in. long.


Any fast draining mixture, cactus mix with perlite 50/50, works great.
Start in 1 gallon pots.


High phosphorus ( middle number ) 10-30-10.